Flame Monitoring of the latest generation


More safety, more efficiency – modern Flame Monitoring is indispensable for the reliable operation of power plants, gas turbines and combustion plants in the chemical, industrial and waste incineration sectors. Large-scale plants place high demands on this technology, which we, as an established industry partner, have been meeting with innovative Flame Monitoring Technology for more than 40 years. Within this framework, we offer our customers both Compact Flame Controllers and Flame Monitoring Systems consisting of Flame Scanners and Amplifiers, as well as the matching accessories.


Proven technology

The flame monitoring system 3000 is proven technology with very high acceptance
kompaktflammenwächter cfc 3000/4000

Proven state of the art

Flamonitec compact flame controller combine the proven technology of flame monitoring systems in one housing for direct connection to the control technology.

High-temperature resistant

For recording the flame radiation under the most extreme conditions (temperature, pressure, vibration, lack of space, etc.)
flammenwächtertechnik zubehör

Installation, maintenance, protection

For mounting on the burner, and for the protection of people and equipment.