Flamonitec Flame Monitoring System 3000


All flame scanners, in conjunction with a Series 3000 flame controller, form a complete flame monitoring system. The Flame Monitoring and Evaluation System 3000 has been developed with safety progress and optimum plant availability in mind. The aim is to monitor combustion plants safely and reliably and to provide criteria for optimising the combustion process and reducing pollutant emissions. The system is able to distinguish the flames of different burners in a combustion chamber and thus to monitor them selectively.

Due to the very robust, wear-free sensor technology and the fully electronic shutter, the flame monitoring system is almost maintenance-free and enables many years of reliable firing operation. The flame monitoring system 3000 includes different flame controller in 19″ plug-in technology. They contain all the control logic and provide the signals for external processing. Our Flame Scanners for ATEX Zone 1 are available in various housings.

  • IECEx-Certificate
  • ATEX Zone 2
  • High availability
  • Technical support
  • Maintenance free
  • Coverage of different spectral ranges