Solutions for the chemical & petrochemical industry

Safely monitored

Flamonitec BFI Automation is the specialist in flame monitoring for plants in the chemical industry. We are aware that due to the constant need for product availability, safe production processes are of paramount importance. Therefore, the focus of our flame monitoring systems is on the highest possible safety for the protection of man and plant as well as a high availability to ensure the continuity of production.

With specially developed and patented sensor technology, the detection of almost all gaseous, liquid and solid fuels takes place. International plant manufacturers and operators trust our equipment in applications such as cracking furnaces, reformers, residue incinerators or sulphur recovery plants. With different specific solutions, the operation of our devices is possible at very high or low ambient temperatures from -55 °C to +350°C. The requirements by international standards for the sensor technology as well as for the use in explosion-proof areas are fulfilled by various approvals.

We as Flamonitec BFI Automation are sure that we can support you very well in your project already from the planning phase. The experience we have gained over almost 50 years enables us to focus on technical feasibility while taking economic factors into account. Talk to us, the solution can be quite simple.

  • safe and reliable operation
  • Detection of all fuels
  • Approved according to international standards
  • customised solutions