Solutions for power plants

Safely monitored

BFI Automation has been equipping power plants with flame monitoring systems since 1973. In the meantime, all well-known boiler and burner manufacturers in Germany and abroad belong to our valued clientele. Our UV semiconductor sensors have revolutionized extraneous light safety, a feature that is particularly required in multi-burner systems such as utility steam generators. With our Flamonitec systems, we have accompanied the development and use of low-emission low-NOx burners in power plants from the very beginning. The latest generation of flame monitoring provides the operator with an overall view of the complete combustion by networking of sensors and the graphic representation of flame raw signals. Understanding the interaction between the burner parameters and the combustion process helps him to control the firing more finely and to detect disturbances in the flame more quickly.

  • Well-engineered solutions
  • High burner selectivity
  • High reliability
  • Made in Germany
  • Covering various spectral ranges
  • High safety (SIL3 certified)