Solutions for waste incineration


Incineration in waste treatment plants places high demand on control systems. In addition to environmental aspects, the focus of the plant operator is of course on economic efficiency. Here it is important to make optimal use of resources. The ideal firing rate control receives its input signals directly from the combustion. The sensor technology should be optimally adaptable to the most diverse fuel compositions and properties. The operator only sets the start and end point of his radiation bandwidth and the integration time of the signal processing. The radiation sensor provides a real-time analogue signal without unwanted signal peaks and thus enables a shock-free control of e.g. grate feed and combustion air.
Often flame sensors are “misused” for this task. However, flame scanners have the task of distinguishing a burner flame from other signal sources, e.g. by using high-pass filters and sensitivity potentiometers.

BFI Automation has developed a radiation pyrometer SPM especially for this task. This meets all criteria in terms of bandwidth and ease of adjustment. By using different sensors and lenses, even spectral ranges and monitoring zones can be taken into account.

  • Mature solutions
  • High radiation bandwidth
  • High reliability
  • Wear-free and robust
  • Made in Germany